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Wishful Thinking Isn't a DWI/DUI Defense in Minnesota

When you've been arrested for a DWI/DUI in Minnesota -- in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities metro area, or elsewhere -- you need an experienced attorney.When it comes to drinking and driving charges, the attorney you choose can make a huge difference. I will protect your rights under the constitution in Minnesota and make sure you are treated fairly (or better than fairly). The drinking and driving statutes are some of the most complicated laws in Minnesota. Let me leverage my significant litigation experience to get you great results.

I understand you're probably feeling confused, angry, or fearful about what's happened to you. The process of being arrested for a DWI/DUI in Minnesota, being taken to jail, being fingerprinted and photographed was probably very dehumanizing. I sincerely sympathize with that.

To be honest, being faced with a DWI/DUI in Minnesota can have very serious outcomes.

Among the possible outcomes of a DWI/DUI in MN:

  • You could lose your license
  • Your insurance could increase or be cancelled
  • You could face jail time or even prison
  • You could be impacted when applying for a future job because of  your drinking and driving charges in MN

My name is Dave Risk.  I'm an experienced DWI/DWI attorney here in Minnesota. And I believe that there's a good chance I can help with your DWI/DUI in Minnesota.  If we're successful you'll be able to keep your license and your freedom!

In many cases I can get your driver’s license back right away You should not lose your license and possibly your livelihood just because you have been arrested when you have not been convicted.

Did you know that there are more than 20 possible challenges that can be made to the charges you are facing due to your DWI/DUI arrest in Minnesota? I’ll raise the applicable challenges so your case is as strong as possible.

You can plead guilty, but in many cases the best choice is to fight such charges involving drinking while behind the wheel in Minnesota – and this is the kind of case I focus on.

To help you decide if I am the right DWI lawyer for you I'd like to offer you a free initial consultation.

Because it's going to take any lawyer time to prepare your defense, it's important that you don't wait until the last moment. My belief is that you have to take a stand and fight, or your life will be significantly impacted. Even if you want to work out a plea deal, you need to walk into court ready to fight in order to get the best results. I have been doing that for my clients for over 25 years. Let’s talk about your specific situation so I can let you know what I can do to help.

You can only keep your license and your freedom if you fight your Minnesota DWI/DUI.
So call me now at 612-334-3342 for your free initial consultation.

I look forward to helping you get your driver’s license back and clearing your name!


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