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If you’ve been charged with driving while impaired in Minnesota, you may have a long road in front of you. These charges are not to be taken lightly, and can carry very hefty consequences. What happens after you’ve been caught driving while impaired in Minnesota can vary, but the procedure is often the same for most people. In the end though, it’s likely that you’ll get your license revoked, especially if it’s a repeat offense. So, if you’ve had your license suspended due to a DWI in Minnesota, just how exactly can you get it reinstated?

The first thing that will happen before you even lose your license is that you will have a hearing to determine what fine and other punishment you will be served. In order to help with the hearing proceedings, and to help get your Minnesota driver license reinstated, you should hire an attorney. An attorney won’t only help you during the hearing, but will also protect your rights and help expedite the entire process. Your attorney will also most likely make sure that the arresting officer appears at your hearing. This is a huge benefit and something that isn’t available for criminal cases. This will not only make the officer tell his side of the story, but it will also give you a glimpse of what’s to come at trial, should your case be taken that far.

Some of the questions that will be asked of the officer will pertain to things such as what made him stop you on the road in the first place. The officer must have had reasonable cause to pull you over, such as for a traffic infraction or for obvious signs of impaired driving. This is very important because if there was no cause, the case might be dismissed. You and the officer can then both tell the court the order of events, and the time, that certain events occurred. Certain tests, such as a test of the blood alcohol level, must be done within a certain timeframe after the incident. And if it wasn’t, this may be enough to get your case dropped.

Oftentimes though, the case won’t end in your favor and you will be not only charged with driving while impaired in Minnesota, but you’ll also have your license suspended. If this happens, the judge will give you certain specifications that will help get your Minnesota drivers license reinstated. These specifications may include things such as taking an alcohol class or paying a fine, and they must be met before you get your license back. And you may have to wait as long as one year before you get your license back at all, despite how many specifications have been met.

Once you’ve lost your license for driving while impaired in Minnesota, and you’ve had it reinstated, don’t ever drink and drive again. It could mean losing your license for good!

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