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Class D Tests Online

Minnesotans Now Have Option to Take Class D Knowledge Test Online

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New Minnesota drivers now have the option to take their class D learner’s permit knowledge test online and at authorized third-party testing locations instead of scheduling an appointment to take the test at a State exam station.

Prospective Minnesota drivers must pass this written test before they can legally begin practice driving – a prerequisite to scheduling the road test requirement that must be completed before a full license will be issued.

Funded through legislation signed into law last summer by Gov. Tim Walz, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services Division (DPS-DVS) began offering the class D knowledge test online as of October 8. While taking the test online, applicants must have a parent, guardian or adult 21 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license acting as proctor.

DPS-DVS is also expanding the in-person options for Minnesotans by developing a statewide network of third-party certified entities like deputy registrars, driving schools, high school driver education programs and community organizations that will be certified by DPS-DVS to offer proctored class D knowledge tests at their locations.

 The online knowledge tests came about in response to the DPS-DVS reduction in the number of available testing locations across Minnesota due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Locations that remained open were overwhelmed with test applicants who often waited in lines for hours with no guarantee of getting in before closing time. Last May, DPS-DVS attempted to alleviate the situation by revising its protocols and requiring tests given by appointment only, but this did little to satisfy demand with many applicants being forced to wait weeks or months before securing a date.

All DPS-DVS exam stations were shuttered due to COVID-19 from late March to May 19. Since reopening through September 30, DPS-DVS provided 79,469 written exams. In 2019, DPS-DVS gave a total of approximately 282,000 written tests.

The online exam has the same 40 questions on tests given in person at exam stations, and the same rules apply, although on the honor system. Test takers will have a 30-minute window to complete the exam and are prohibited from using outside help.

If the test taker opens a new browser window while taking the test, the test will automatically terminate and result in a ‘fail.’ Prior to each test, the attendant proctor must also check a box indicating that they will monitor against the applicant’s use of cameras, cellphones or any other study materials that are prohibited during the exam. Last September, DPS-DVS performed a ‘soft launch’ using 120 applicants with no problems reported.

Online tests are available in English and Spanish from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  After registering online, applicants will receive a link from DPS-DVS with testing instructions and must complete the exam within 48 hours.

Only one online test per day per person is allowed, and each person has only two attempts to obtain a passing score. After two unsuccessful tests, a prospective driver must schedule an appointment for an in-person exam and pay a $10 fee. (There is no charge for the first two attempts whether conducted online or at exam stations.)

While the class D knowledge test is now available online, other tests including commercial, motorcycle and DWI are only available only at one of the following 14 regional DVS exam stations on a walk-in basis:

– St Paul
– Arden Hills
– Anoka
– Eagan
– Plymouth
– Rochester
– Mankato
– Marshall
– Willmar
– Detroit Lakes
– St. Cloud
– Duluth
– Grand Rapids
– Bemidji

Further information regarding driver services (licenses, ID cards, driver compliance and exams, etc.), and vehicle services (ownership transfers, titles, liens and vehicle registration, etc.)  is available at the Minnesota DPS-DVS website:  https://dps.mn.gov/

The phone number for driver services is 651-297-3298. Vehicle services can be reached at 651-297-2126.

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