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Combat Police Mistakes With The Help Of An Experienced Minnesota DUI Law Firm

Do You Feel Mistakes Were Made By The Police

During Your Arrest For A Minnesota DUI? Do You Need To Hire A Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI Attorney?

If you are facing DUI charges in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it is important to hire a Minnesota DUI law firm that knows how to cast doubt upon the charges that you are facing. One of the best ways for a Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI attorney to accomplish this task is to illustrate that the police officer made some mistakes when handling your arrest.

Although there are many mistakes that your Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI attorney can investigate in order to get your charges reduced or possibly even dropped, the following are the most common mistakes that police officers make…

  • Failing to have a good legal reason to stop you in the first place
  • Assuming you are intoxicated because he or she smells alcohol
  • Failing to inquire about potential medical problems you may be facing
  • Expecting you to pass field sobriety tests when you suffer from physical problems that make it impossible to pass such tests
  • Conducting field sobriety tests in an unfair manner, such as having you perform them on a surface that is not level, on loose gravel, in the dark, or in inclement weather
  • Failing to provide you with proper instructions for performing the field sobriety tests
  • Failing to read your rights from the implied consent advisory form before offering to perform field sobriety tests
  • Failing to provide you with time to contact a Minnesota DUI law firm before you submit to chemical testing of your breath, blood, or urine
  • Failing to provide you with a phone and a phone book so you can contact a Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI attorney about your arrest
  • Failing to provide you with the opportunity to arrange additional urine or blood testing at your own expense
  • Failing to properly read your Miranda Warning

It is important to remember that you have to actually be breaking a law in order to be stopped by a police officer. Therefore, if the officer cannot demonstrate that you were violating a law when he or she pulled you over, your Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI attorney can potentially get your charges dismissed.

Similarly, it is not illegal to drink and drive in Minnesota. Rather, it is illegal to drink while intoxicated.

If you hire an experienced and knowledgeable Minnesota DUI law firm to handle your case, your attorney will be sure to emphasize this distinction in order to give you the best chance of beating the charges brought against you.