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CAN YOUR ATTORNEY Protect You Against DUI Charges?

Let’s face it – if you’ve been charged with driving under the influence in Minnesota, you aren’t likely to advertise the fact. You may not even want to tell close friends or family. It certainly makes it harder to find a good attorney, especially when you don’t want to ask people for referrals. But a qualified attorney can make a huge difference to your defense – and your future.

There are lots of attorneys with “practice-specific“ legal disciplines (estates, family law, etc.) You see, driving under the influence in Minnesota is a very serious charge that could have life-long ramifications. There are a variety of penalties and jail sentences associated with a DUI charge.  As a result, you should hire an attorney that can put on the most aggressive defense for you –- which is why you want drunk driving defense attorneys.

In addition, drunk driving defense attorneys are different than criminal defense lawyers. While they certainly have the same legal qualifications, a Minnesota DUI law firm will have expanded their experience and training in the defense of DUI charges. They are members of one of the professional organizations that provide expertise in DUI defense. These associations maintain training events and seminars so that the attorneys gain even more skills in DUI defense.

There are lots of attorneys with “practice-specific“ legal disciplines (estates, family law, etc.) But why would you want to use a firm focusing on real estate, for example, to defend you in a DUI?  That’s not where their expertise lies. 

DUI law firms are firms that primarily accept only DUI/DWI cases. Their expert attorneys have handled virtually every type of DUI charge and have aggressively defended clients for many years. Drunk driving defense attorneys will vigorously examine the charges made against their clients and the evidence collected at the time of their arrest. This is what they know how to do–just like real estate lawyers know how to examine a lease.

When attorneys focus on DUI defense, they become seasoned at evaluating and understanding the testing procedures used to determine blood alcohol levels, the tests used to determine sobriety in the field, and the probable arrest procedures. All of this experience helps when it comes time to challenge your arrest and the charges against you.

A good Minnesota DUI law firm has a reputation with local police, prosecutors and judges for aggressive defense of their clients. That means they bring more negotiating power to the table when dealing with the prosecution. This works in their client’s favor. Drunk driving defense attorneys will honestly evaluate the case against you and they will use their experience to offer advice on various strategies, including possible plea bargains if you choose to go that route. You need a Minnesota DUI law firm because this information is invaluable to you.

The approach to driving under the influence in Minnesota is too important to leave to chance. Wishful thinking is not a defense to your DWI charges.

Choosing a Minnesota DUI law firm can make the difference between serving more jail time or obtaining credit for the time you may have already served after your arrest.
It can make the difference between years of probation and court-ordered requirements --- or not.

Reinstating your driving privileges --- or not. 

Heavy fines and loss of your vehicle or very livelihood --- or not.

Evaluate carefully, ask questions, and get the best possible defense on your case by obtaining a Minnesota DUI lawyer.