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Evaluating DWI Attorney Costs in Minnesota

Have you heard of the expression “Penny wise, pound foolish?” The expression refers to the common mistake people make – trying to save money on something, which results in big financial consequences later. One great example of this is the decision people make about DWI attorneys costs in Minnesota.

Many people belief they can save money by not using the services of an attorney for a DUI/DWI charge, or save by using a family friend who is an attorney. These people miss the big picture – saving money by not having an adequate defense is going to cost a great deal later on.

First, it’s important to understand the penalties of a DWI in Minnesota. A first time DWI could result in the suspension of driver’s license, fines, jail time, and mandatory attendance in alcohol or drug counseling. There are additional penalties for refusing a chemical blood test in Minnesota, including a mandatory one year suspension of driving privileges and increase in charges to a gross misdemeanor.

The quality of your DWI defense will determine the severity of your consequences

If you have been arrested for a DUI or DWI, a Minnesota DWI attorney can save you a great deal of money and prevent you from making a costly mistake. Without proper representation, you may find yourself facing the highest penalties for your conviction. When you work with a Minnesota DWI attorney, it could result in a reduction of charges or dropped charges.

How exactly can a DWI/DUI attorney help you? DWI/DUI attorneys have experience with criminal law defense and drunk driving defense. They have extensive experience with the local courts, prosecutors and judges. Their experience uniquely qualifies them to evaluate a case and look for the best course of defense.

These attorneys will:

  • Question witnesses or law enforcement officers and challenge their testimony.
  • Examine the evidence related to your case.
  • Introduce new evidence that may be beneficial to your case.
  • Work with witness on behalf of your case.
  • Provide expert witnesses to refute accuracy of blood or urine tests.
  • Examine field sobriety results and testing equipment.
  • Question the accuracy and reliability of testing equipment.
  • Establish facts about the use of over-the-counter medications and other chemicals and the affect this may have on breathalyzer results.

You could gain a great deal by discussing your case with a Minnesota DUI/DWI client, and of course, not using an attorney can cost a great deal more – in penalties, jail time and loss of license. You can easily justify the DWI attorney cost in Minnesota when you consider the potential reduction in charges, jail time, fines and insurance costs. It could be your best investment of the year.