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DWI During the Holidays

Extra DWI Enforcement on Minnesota Roads for the 2020 Holiday Season

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Although Minnesota’s COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in a decrease in overall driving across the state, law enforcement is still concerned about traffic safety – traffic deaths in Minnesota have already reached 361 compared with 332 reported over the same period in 2019.

Accordingly, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) recently announced extra DWI enforcement on Minnesota roads, running every weekend through Dec. 31.

State and federal grants for officer overtime costs have been provided to law enforcement agencies throughout Minnesota at the state, county and municipal level in an effort to crack down on suspected impaired drivers.

As part of the campaign, you may also see the following slogans on road signs and on social media during the next few weeks:

Impaired Driving Kills the Holiday Spirit

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

If You Feel Different, You Drive Different – Drive High Get A DWI

Although DWI enforcement efforts typically ramp up during holiday periods, COVID-19 has changed the tone from warning of the usual consequences associated with getting a DWI (license loss, high fines, jail time, etc.) to a concern for our overburdened health care resources.

A recent DPS press release warned:

“If you don’t drive smart, your chances of causing a crash are much greater – and then what? You and anyone else involved will likely need medical attention, meaning you’d be taking up valuable resources in the midst of a pandemic. Those hospital beds and medical supplies – not to mention the time and energy of already overworked medical professionals -- need to be available for COVID-19 patients and other people who need care, not taken up because of careless decisions on the road.”

According to the DPS, driving smart involves not only driving sober, but wearing a seat belt, following the speed limit, and not using a cell phone and avoiding other distractions while driving.

If you find yourself facing DWI or OWI charges this holiday season and need to explore your options for getting your driving privileges restored, our seasoned lawyers can help. Attorneys are available 24-7 — Call us at 612-334-3342.

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