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Hire An Experienced DWI/DUI Attorney!Have You Been Charged With Drunk Driving In Minnesota?

Get The Legal Help You Need From An Experienced DWI/DUI Attorney!

Being arrested and charged for drunk driving in Minnesota is no small matter. If you’ve been charged for drunk driving and you don't want that conviction on your record, you need experienced legal representation.

My goal is to provide you with a solid defense against your drunk driving charge, to keep your record clean, and to prevent you from losing your freedom and your license to drive. My practice is based on the theory that you may have been arrested for drunk driving when you shouldn't have been. No matter what, as your DWI / DUI attorney, I'll make sure you’re treated fairly.

Prosecutors handle drunk driving cases all day, every day. They understand and will use against you all the legal fine points available to them.

The Minnesota drunk driving law says that the prosecutor only needs to prove that, after drinking, you were impaired, or that your blood alcohol exceeded a certain limit while you were driving, operating, or in "physical control" of a motor vehicle. That sounds pretty clear, but it's not quite that simple…

Our attorney will thoroughly review the accuracy of your DWI charges

If challenged, the prosecutor must show that the arresting officer made your drunk driving arrest properly...that you were properly advised of your rights...that the equipment the police used to test you was working accurately...and that the person operating the equipment was properly certified. If the Prosecutor gets information which may prove you innocent, your DWI / DUI attorney can force them to give it up. That's where I come in.

Because our firm has handled thousands of DWI cases, I know how and when to make the proper legal motions which force the Prosecutor to prove that the steps used in your drunk driving arrest were done properly. If they weren't, the Prosecution's case is weakened.

No DWI / DUI attorney can or should guarantee success, because each drunk driving case is unique.

  • Maybe the judge assigned to your case is more lenient on drunk driving cases.
  • Maybe the judge is harsher on drunk driving cases.
  • Maybe there are things distinctive to your drunk driving case which are important.

However, all things being equal, I’m passionate about what I do and I will fiercely fight for your rights. You should expect nothing less from your DWI / DUI attorney.

Get expert legal help from a DWI / DUI attorney who knows how to guide your drunk driving case through the complexities of the legal system. Again, I've successfully represented hundreds of drunk driving clients. I’ll ensure you’re being treated fairly by the judicial system because I'll insist:

  • That the Prosecution provides us with the name and address of anyone they plan to call as a witness in your drunk driving case, as well as copies of every written or recorded statement of their testimony. This will allow us to prepare our questions for them in advance of trial.
  • That the Prosecution provide us with any information or material in their possession showing you are not guilty of the drunk driving charges against you, or which may help you get a lighter sentence.
  • On receiving copies of records showing the testing equipment used was functioning properly, and that the person giving the test was properly certified.
  • On proof that you were advised of your rights. If you weren't, the Prosecutor's case may be weakened or dismissed.

I will talk to the Prosecutor beforehand to get a feel for the strength of the State's case with respect to your drunk driving charges, judge the Prosecutor's confidence level, and give notice that I will be contesting in court all these points. When their drunk driving case is challenged, they have to take a lot of time producing material and witnesses.

As you can see, what looks simple at first gets complex. As your DWI / DUI attorney, I will look into all of these things so you will have the best possible defense in your drunk driving case.

You can make sure you get the best defense possible against your drunk driving charges–hire an attorney with experience to represent you well. Call me at 612-334-3342 for your free initial consultation.