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Do You Wonder How Much Is A DWI In MN? How Much A DWI Truly Costs?

Consider These Facts When Determining The True Cost For A DUI/DWI In Minnesota

When it comes to getting convicted of a DUI or DWI in Minnesota, the number one concern most people have is money. After all, being convicted of a DUI or DWI can have very costly consequences.

When creating a rough estimate of how much it will cost for a DUI/DWI in Minnesota, there are many factors to consider. In addition, since no two cases are the same, the ultimate cost can vary substantially from one person to another.

Still, some of the costs you will incur when convicted of a DWI or DUI in Minnesota can include:

  • Bail
  • Fines
  • Court costs
  • Lawyer’s fees
  • Taxi or public transportation costs
  • Insurance premium increases
  • Job loss or time off work

By the time all is said and done, the cost for a DUI/DWI in Minnesota can easily be up to $10,000 or more. Of course, when exploring how much is a DWI in MN, it is important to consider those costs that go beyond the person who has been convicted.

In fact, thousands of people are injured and killed each year in alcohol-related accidents. Alcohol-related crashes cost the people of Minnesota an estimated $1.8 billion in 2000 alone, and people other than the person doing the drinking and driving paid $1.1 billion of those expenses.

Alcohol-related accidents also place a heavy burden on insurance companies and their clients. In fact, an estimated 17% of those auto insurance payments made in Minnesota are due to alcohol-related crashes. Just a 10% reduction in these crashes would save $50 million in terms of claims payments and loss adjustment expenses.

The bottom line is that there is more to consider than your personal costs when considering how much is a DWI in MN. Alcohol-related accidents are costly to everyone in the state of Minnesota, even those who are not directly involved in the accident. It is for these reasons that the state has a zero tolerance policy regarding DWIs and DUIs.

Due to the zero tolerance policy implemented by the state of Minnesota in regard to DWIs and DUIs, it is essential to hire an experienced attorney to handle your case when arrested for a DWI or DUI. By doing so, you will have the best chance at keeping your costs to a minimum by either avoiding a conviction or minimizing the penalties that you face if you are convicted of a DWI or DUI.