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Minneapolis DUI ArrestUnderstanding What An Officer Looks For

Know What The Experienced DWI Lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota Already Knows...

Understanding What An Officer Looks For When Making A Minneapolis DUI Arrest Can Help Prevent A DWI Traffic Stop

When it comes to making a traffic stop and a Minneapolis DUI arrest, there are several things an officer looks for. By being aware of what an experienced DWI lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota already knows --- and avoiding the “tell-tale” signs of intoxication --- you can decrease your chances of being pulled over. As a result, you can reduce the likelihood of facing a harsh Minnesota DWI penalty down the road.

Some of the signs an officer looks for when making a Minneapolis DUI arrest include…

  • Bloodshot eyes, characterized by being red, watery, or glassy
  • Flushed face
  • Slurred speech
  • Having the scent of alcohol
  • Stumbling when getting out of the vehicle or appearing unbalanced
  • Difficulty finding and obtaining your driver’s license
  • Not understanding questions being asked or directions being given
  • Swaying while standing, or looking unstable
  • Being disoriented about where you are and what time it is
  • Having disheveled clothing
  • Argumentative or very happy for no reason

An experienced DWI lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota will tell you that you can reduce your chances of facing a Minneapolis DUI arrest if you do not show these characteristics. Of course, the best way to prevent a Minneapolis DUI arrest is to never get behind the wheel after consuming any alcohol.

If you have had a few drinks, however, do your best to avoid these characteristics so you don’t find yourself stopped. If you are pulled over, you may need an experienced DWI lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota to help you prevent a harsh Minnesota DWI penalty. Contact Douglas V. Hazelton at 1-612-334-3342 today.

Douglas V. Hazelton is a well-respected DUI / DWI lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota that focuses exclusively on criminal defense. His extensive knowledge and experience handling Minneapolis DUI arrest cases has earned him the distinction of Super Lawyer by the Minnesota Journal of Law and Politics. He was also named Minnesota’s National Delegate to the National College for DUI Defense.

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