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Attack unreliable Field Sobreity 'Tests' With the Help of a Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI Lawyer

When it comes to fighting a Minnesota DUI license revocation or other DUI/DWI penalties, your Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI attorney needs to use every strategy possible to get your charges reduced or possibly even dropped. With the help of a skilled Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI lawyer, you can put poke holes in the validity of field sobriety tests used to support your arrest.

There are many reasons why your Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI attorney can shed doubt on your field sobriety test results. One element includes the Gaze Nystagmus test, which involves having you follow a pen light with your eyes. Your lawyer can question this test for many reasons…

  • Officers are not medically trained to know what “normal” eye movement is
  • It requires making eye movement degree estimates that can be inaccurate
  • The medical community doesn’t accept this test as valid

With the help of an experienced Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI attorney, these test results can be ruled inadmissible by a judge. As a result, your lawyer can build a stronger case in your favor and help avoid a Minnesota DUI license revocation and other harsh penalties.

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Douglas V. Hazelton is a Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI attorney that has devoted his practice to criminal law.

He is a graduate of the National College for DUI Defense and was named a member of the College in 1997. In 2006, he was the only Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI lawyer selected to be Minnesota’s National Delegate to the College. Hazelton has also written several articles that have appeared in respected legal publications.

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