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Minnesota Drunk Driving LawYou Can Use Minnesota DUI Laws To Beat Your DUI Case

Methods For Measuring Blood Alcohol Content And Intoxication Are Restricted Know Your Legal Rights!

Minneapolis, Minnesota DWI laws are clear on what can and cannot be used in a case against you. The various methods used to determine your blood alcohol content and whether or not you are intoxicated are among those that are strictly regulated. As a result, you can actually use the law to help fight your case.

According to Minnesota DUI laws, the arresting officer must have a reason for requesting a measurement of your alcohol content. In order to determine if a test should be ordered, the officer conducts a field sobriety test. What many people don’t know is that there are only a few of these tests that are in accordance national (NHTSA) standards and Minnesota DUI laws. These include:

  • Heel-to-toe (also referred to as the walk-and-turn)
  • One-leg stand
  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus

There are no other field sobriety tests approved by the NHTSA. In addition, even these methods can be called into question and can make the results of your blood alcohol content tests invalid.

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Douglas V. Hazelton is an experienced defender of legal rights when it comes to Minnesota DUI laws. He understands DUI/DWI law, including your rights and responsibilities when it comes to measuring alcohol concentrations.

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