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Minnesota Lawyers Directory List Follow These Guidelines To Find An Attorney With Fair Fees And Experience

Searching For A DWI Attorney From A Minnesota Lawyer List? The Minnesota Lawyers Directory Can Be Difficult To Navigate

When searching through a Minnesota lawyer list or the Minnesota lawyers directory for an attorney to help you with your case, you might become concerned about the cost of hiring legal help. Because of this, you might find yourself looking for the least expensive attorney, rather than one that is the most qualified.

Remember, this is your freedom and your driver’s license at risk --- you don’t want to pass over the more qualified attorneys on your Minnesota lawyer list for cheaper fees, only to find yourself potentially faced with poor representation.

On the other hand, you may not need to hire the most expensive attorney on the Minnesota lawyers directory either. You should have some idea of what to expect when it comes to paying for the attorney you find on a Minnesota lawyer list or Minnesota lawyers directory before beginning your search.

There are several factors that impact the cost of hiring an attorney from a Minnesota lawyers directory or the Minnesota lawyer list. These include…

  • The community in which the attorney primarily practices
  • The reputation of the attorney as compared to others
  • Whether or not you are facing a felony, a gross misdemeanor or a misdemeanor
  • If you have any prior convictions for DUI/DWI or another charge
  • Whether or not administrative costs and fees, such as those related to helping you challenge a Minnesota Implied Consent License Revocation, are included in attorney’s fees

Regardless of the fee you are quoted by an attorney from a Minnesota lawyer list, be certain to get the information in a written agreement. This way, you will be clear on all fees and costs associated with your case. Contact Douglas V. Hazelton at 1-612-334-3342 today.

Douglas V. Hazelton is one of the top DUI/DWI attorneys on the Minnesota lawyer list for a number of reasons. His extensive experience as a criminal attorney includes helping hundreds of people facing DWI charges.

He also graduated from the National College for DUI Defense, which is held at Harvard Law School. Hazelton was named as a member of this College in 1997 and named Minnesota’s National Delegate to the College in 2006. This type of experience and background is not easy to come by, and no other attorneys on the Minnesota lawyers directory has it.

To learn more about how you can reduce or potentially eliminate your DWI charges, contact Douglas V. Hazelton today at 1-612-334-3342.